The Glorious Days of Fall

Well, it’s that time of the year when mother nature sends us signals that she is preparing for her long winter slumber. There is a nip in the early morning air, the days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to turn and humans are obsessed with putting pumpkin spice in everything they eat or drink.

Nothing is better than a cool autumn day. Why just yesterday, after Doc was done mowing the lawn, she plopped down next to me in the grass and we lay in the warmth of the sun while gazing at the crystal blue sky above us. It was if neither of us had a care in the world. These are the moments in life you almost wish could go on forever, a snapshot in time to record in your memory.

Fall is one of this dogs favorite seasons. Gone are the heat and humidity that make my paws sweat. The cooler days have put a pep back in my step and that means longer walks with Doc, my favorite thing. How could you not love fall? It’s as if nature has been saving up all it’s beauty for the grand finale of the year.

So savor the days of autumn, get outside and roast a hot dog and some marsh mellows over an open fire. Take in every beautiful minute and don’t forget to share one of those hot dogs with your favorite canine.

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