The Importance of Taking Time Off

Photo by Angela Kirk

After the Ohio State Fair closed down and the work week was completed, Doc and I decided to take some much needed vacation time. After all, life should never be just about work.

The first week we just kind of slept in and laid around like a couple of billionaires that didn’t have to do a thing for themselves but that started getting old, so one morning Doc woke up and announced that she was going to take a trip up to Lake Erie to one of the islands. Well, I thought that was a great until she told me that I would have to stay home. I can’t lie, I was a little miffed about that because I like going up to the lake but I did feel better after I found out that I would have nephew Cole as my babysitter.

The day before she left, Cole came over to go over the very important instructions on how to take care of me. Being a famous Facebook and Blogging pooch I have specific needs as you all know and I don’t like any deviation from my schedule. I knew Cole would do a good job. I have know him since he was only ten years old and now he is a huge nineteen year old man that plays football for the local college. Since I heard him tell Doc that football practice had started, I was hoping he would take me to practice and I could chase the football around but it being so hot and humid out, that idea got nixed very quickly.

Early the next morning Doc woke me up as she needed to leave the house and catch a luxury bus that would take her to the lake. It wasn’t too much longer before Cole arrived and took such good care of me while Doc was gone that I hardly even missed her. Then late one night while I was sound asleep in the middle of Doc’s bed I heard the door open from the garage. ” On no,!” I thought to myself, is it a “burglar?” I carefully peered around the corner and there was Doc looking at me and smiling. ” I brought you something Grover”, she said and there in a bag was a tasty dog treat just to prove she had not forgotten me. As we caught up on what we had done while we were apart we both agreed that the time away and pursing our own adventures was important for our mental health.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day after day so it’s good to shake things up every once in awhile and try something new. So it was a shock on Monday morning when that alarm went off a 4:45am and Doc said ” Time to get up Grover and get ready for work, the bills aren’t going to pay themselves.” I rolled over, yawned and asked Doc ” Just five more minutes?” but to no avail, our vacation time was over.

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