The Road Less Traveled

fork_in_road-11Dogs love to explore with all of our senses. If given the opportunity, we would wander around all day rolling in nasty stuff and eating things that you humans find disgusting. Some of us return home after our adventures and other dogs are happy to either take up with new packs or go it alone. So it is with you humans. As a therapy dog that gets lots of time to observe people, I find that most of you end up staying in the same pack, following the same familiar road. Let us pause for a moment and ponder what would happen if we had chosen or decide now to choose the road less traveled by most people.

You wake up tomorrow morning and you are given the opportunity to rewrite your life script. Without any fear you reevaluate your feelings, desires and needs and come up with a new plan. Now I know from listening to you humans that you can come up with all sorts of excuses not to change. This time it is different, there are no consequences for making the wrong choice. The question you need to ask yourself is, how would you live your life if you had every choice available to you? Let go of all qualifying statements, guilt or perceived responsibilities and just dream. Think, what kind of life would bring you peace and happiness?

Now come back to the present. How can you take some of the things you dreamt about and put them into the life you are living now? Just go for it and have fun. Moving outside of your safe zone is always rewarding because you are going to learn something new about yourself. Trust me, I’m a dog and I know that the road less traveled is always the most interesting one.

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