The Spirit of the Horse

IMG_0064Riding with Doc out into the country is always relaxing. I never know where we are headed, but knowing Doc, it will be end up being a big adventure.

I knew we had reached our final destination when she turned down the long gravel driveway and I could see the three horses grazing in the pasture.

As we exited the car by the barn, Doc was greeted by other “horse people” and was also introduced to Native American, Mark” Thunderbird” Henry. I was soon to find out that he was going to lead a drumming circle. Although drumming circles are formed for many different reasons in Native American culture, today we would be honoring the spirit of the horse.

Even though I had to stay outside of the paddock as not to annoy the horses, what I witnessed was a beautiful ceremony that was both hypnotic and spiritual. I was surprised that the drumming and the chanting did not startle the horses, but in fact they stopped grazing and wandered close to the circle as if to join in.

As I looked around on this glorious fall day, I could see some hawks circling overhead, butterflies flitting in the grass nearby and even tiny spiders spinning their webs near the circle, the sun reflecting off of their webs like jewels. It was as if all of nature was participating together.

When the ceremony ended they talked about their experiences and how it affected them. Doc looked so relaxed. I was sorry to leave as it had been such a wonderful day.

On the way home, Doc and I talked about how it’s important to take these special experiences and try to keep them close to your heart in your everyday life. “It’s what keeps me grounded and reminds me that nature has all the answers that we really need” she said. I can’t argue with that, after all,¬†being a dog I have known that all along.

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  • Connie Siegle
    November 12, 2015

    Dear Grover, i guess I take my experiences for granted. I forget that some people have to drive quite a distance to enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer. I must always remember to not take life and all it’s gifts for granted. Thanks Buddy…Connie