They Are Yankee Doodle Dandies!

IMG_0342Since the 4th of July is next week, I was thinking about how lucky I feel that I was born in the United States. I know a dog is not technically a citizen, but because Doc is, I get all the advantages that she does.

Even though not everyone that is a US citizen thinks this country is great, there are many others that leave their own countries to come here every year, in the hope that they will be able to be granted the right to enter the USA and then become a naturalized citizens. Today I am going to tell you some stories about some people I know that did that very thing.

Robert one of my co-workers and friends came to the United States from Hatti in December 2009. His first trip to the US was New York City with his soon to be wife. Later after getting married and settling in the Midwest, Robert decided that he would like to start the process of becoming a United States citizen. He felt he would have more opportunities in the United States and so he started the long process of filling out forms and taking the citizenship test. So on April 6, 2016, Robert went downtown to the federal building and was sworn in as US citizen with forty-nine other people. What a happy day!

Tanya, another favorite co-worker of mine, moved to the United States from Jordan when she was a young girl and as she became older, decided to become a US citizen for the same reason Robert did, she wanted the opportunities that the United States would provide for her. She has been a proud citizen since August 20, 2001.

Doc’s sister-in-law, Svetlana was born and lived in Armenia before coming to the United States. One day when Doc was over at her brother’s house, Svetlana was listening while Doc and her brother were complaining about politics, when Svetlana spoke up and said “people born in the United States take their freedoms for granted and don’t appreciate what they have.” Doc was quiet for a while, knowing what Svetlana had experienced in Armenia and told her she was right. Svetlana is still in the process of becoming a US citizen but hopefully she will be sworn in soon.

Doc’s family immigrated to America from Scotland in the mid 1700’s when it was still ruled by the British. It must have been both exciting and scary being part of establishing a new nation.

The great part of living with Doc is that I get to meet people who come here from all over the world. Since the first colonists arrived from Europe, over one million people per year continue to immigrate from all over the world looking for many of the same things that those early settlers did. On July 4th I will be thinking about my friend Robert celebrating his citizenship for the first time along with all the others that now call the United States home.


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