Things That Go Bump In the Night

Although Halloween is just a few days away, this is not the only time of year that I get spooked. There are plenty of odd occurrences in my world that make me sleep with one eye open at night, but nothing is more frightful than when Doc tells me a true story about things that go bump in the night right before I go to sleep.

Before I was born, Doc lived in a house built in 1907. Because the house was so old, it creaked and rattled all on its own, and if that wasn’t scary enough, some of the neighbors, friends and even family thought the house might be haunted. It didn’t take too long after Doc moved in for the “hauntings” to commence. Apparently what ever it was, wanted Doc to notice because there would be loud banging and a general ruckus a few times per month, especially at night. In addition to the noises, there were some people that swore that they saw a ghostly presence standing in a long frock coat, gazing out the window on the stairway landing on more than one occasion. Doc never saw this apparition and frankly thought the people had over active imaginations, but the ghost did not care what Doc believed and continued its noisy hauntings.

One day, Doc happened to jokingly mention to her new neighbors next door what was happening in the house, and guess what? The two girls that lived there with their parents told her a story that made my fluffy dog hairs stand on end. From the time the girls were little they would sometimes wake at night to see a ghostly presence that wore a dark long frock coat standing at the end of their beds just watching over them. Although this seemed strange, they were never really frightened, as he had been visiting them since they were little. Of course, when they tried to tell their parents they brushed it off as childhood fantasy. When the girls got older, they decided to go to the library and do some research and you will never guess what they found out. Apparently their house was built in the late 1800’s and the man that owned that home eventually built the house next door that Doc lived in for his daughter’s family. So, this ghost was just traveling back and forth to watch over who lived in the houses he built.

Although Doc was skeptical, she did contemplate what the girls told her and one night it all came to a head. Doc was sound asleep when she was awakened by the sound of a big bang coming from the dirt root cellar. Irate that her sleep had been interrupted she angrily stomped down the stares to find the entire front of the furnace on the ground. ” “That’s enough!” she yelled out to the ghost. ” I am not scared of you, I am not leaving this house and if you are not going to help pay the mortgage than you can’t live here. Now go toward the light to the other side where you belong.”

Who knows, maybe the spirit was waiting for someone to give him permission to leave and retire from watching over everyone, but after that night the house was as quiet as could be. It stayed that way until Doc put the house up for sale and left. Who knows, maybe the spirit has returned to watch over the new owners. I am certainly glad he didn’t follow Doc to the new house or maybe he has and he is just being quieter. Happy Halloween!

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