Too Hot To Handle

Photo by Angela Kirk

After a stretch of almost 10 days in the 90’s I would say it is officially the dog days of summer. The ancient Greeks believed that after Sirius the dog star rose, it’s bright light radiated extra heat toward the earth, making it hotter. All I know is that Doc and I are miserable and all of this heat is turning me into a mad dog.

Luckily we can get out in the early morning and the late evening for some activities outside, but the rest of the day forget about it. Doc takes me for a one mile walk every morning around 6am. Its cool in the morning but still so humid it gives both Doc and I a bad hair day as our wavy hair turns into a big frizzy mess. After that walk I am done for it and get in the middle of Doc’s bed right under the paddle fan for a long morning nap while Doc goes to work doing tele therapy with her patients. (Someone has to pay the bills). I use to stay with her all day, but since working from home since March I have decided to live what I call a Country Club Lifestyle. Hey, don’t judge, it works for me.

Although this summer is certainly different with COVID still among us, I have adapted and decided to focus on the things I can control. I feel safe right here at home with Doc and look forward to the evening when the sun goes down and we go out on the back porch. Nothing is more soothing to me than listening to the frogs croaking loudly in the pond while the full moon shines off of the water.

So my advice for now is stay cool, don’t sweat the small stuff and slow down. This too shall pass.


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