Tricks Are Better Than Treats

On Monday we celebrated one of my favorite holidays, Halloween’s Trick or Treat. I love seeing all the children in costumes, helping Doc hand out candy and seeing both adults and children having a good time. What I didn’t expect was for Doc to try and play an innocent trick on some poor unsuspecting children.

The weather was beautiful as we sat on the front porch passing out candy. Hordes of children ran up and down the street through the autumn leaves in anticipation of what goodies they would score. Doc has learned over the years to stock up, so that she never runs out of treats. We saw children dressed in every character imaginable and even a gorilla made a visit that was having problems navigating his new large gorilla feet as he walked between the houses. I bet he never wears that costume again. I tried to sneak some treats, but Doc caught me with a Tootsie Roll Pop in my mouth and put the nix on that quickly.

It was about half way through the night when we saw four very energetic and small boys dressed like Ninjas going house to house at a rapid pace. Right before they landed on our door step, Doc and I both noticed that when they were across the street at our neighbors house that they tried to dump much of the unguarded candy from the bowel on the porch into their bags until they got caught and then they ran toward our house.

As they bounded on to the front porch Doc asked them with authority in her voice, ” What do you want, a trick or a treat.? ” These poor unsuspecting lads did not know what web they were being drawn into and answered in unison ” A Trick!” So now that the bait was set, Doc said to them, ” I know I don’t look like one, but I am actually a witch with special powers and I have the ability to turn one of you into a frog. Now, which one of you wants to be a frog? I watched with amusement as their eyes got bigger than saucers and was surprised when all of them pointed to the same boy in the group. ” Him!” they yelled. For a moment, the poor boy looked like he was going to faint, but then Doc let out a laugh, filled their bags with candy and told them to be on their way and to behave themselves for the rest of the night. Those poor boys couldn’t get off our porch fast enough. I bet they couldn’t wait to tell their parents that they met a real witch in the neighborhood on Halloween. What fun! That is what Halloween is all about.

The time passed so quickly and at 8pm we got the last knock on the door from some young ladies and so Doc gave then most of the candy that was left over. They sure seemed happy. As for me I was worn out and jumped into Doc bed only to dream of witches and ghosts and monsters that creep through the night.

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