Twas Christmas Eve



‘Twas Christmas Eve

‘Twas Christmas Eve,

and all through the house

Doc was scurrying around,

like a frantic little mouse;

The stockings weren’t hung,

the packages weren’t wrapped,

And Christmas was starting to feel

like a big commercial trap.

Puppies Grover and Vixen

all snug in their beds,

Had visions of dog treats

dancing in their heads;

Then out in the yard

there arose a large clatter,

Both human and beast yelled

“what is the matter?”

Out the front door

we flew like The Flash,

Slipped off the front porch

and landed with a crash.

The moon and the street lights

on the new fallen snow,

Lit up the dark

on the objects below,

When what to our tired old eyes

did appear,

But a big brown truck,

grinding it’s gears,

With a robust old driver

steering the van,

We knew in a moment

It’s the UPS man!

A bundle of boxes

he put on his dolly,

And he looked just like Santa

all happy and jolly.

When Doc saw the boxes

she let out a sigh,

“I’ll be wrapping those packages,

til the fourth of July.”

” The goose isn’t cooked,

I feel stuck in a trap,

And all I want for Christmas

is a long winter’s nap.”

The jolly old man said,

“don’t worry my dear,

that’s not the most important thing

this time of year.”

“It’s about family and friends

and keeping them close,

It’s the love in our hearts,

That’s what matters the most.”

And just as he said that,

We saw in the sky,

A bright shining star

In the heavens so high;

We gazed at the star

On this silent night,

Thankful for all

we have in this life;

Turning to thank

the jolly old man,

He was already leaving

in his big brown van;

But we heard him shout out

as he drove out of sight,

“Merry Christmas to all,

and a pleasant good night.”


Grover’s adaptation of the poem Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore

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