When Doc Is The Patient

img_0603Last week Doc had to have left shoulder surgery so we are on medical leave from work. Trying to take care of Doc is the worst experience ever. Her niece that is a nurse, has already labeled her a non-compliant patient, bossy and stubborn. Finally, the family sees what I have to endure on a daily basis with this woman.

The day of surgery Doc started out being her regular cheerful self, but once we were at the hospital and they were prepping her for the procedure I could tell her anxiety was setting in. By the time the anesthesiologist came in the room, Doc was trying to tell the poor doctor what medicine she wanted and didn’t want. The doctor was very nice and understanding and eventually responded by giving her medication that knocked her out. Could you blame him? It’s the only way you can get her to stop talking.

After surgery, Doc’s surgeon reported to us that everything went well. Soon she was in recovery where they prepared her to go home. After her release and as soon as Doc was coherent enough to talk again, she started giving all of us instructions. It began on the way home, when she was trying to tell her niece who lives in the same neighborhood what streets to turn on to get home. How annoying.

After we got in the house and got Doc in her bed, she was given strict orders not to get up without help. Did she listen? Of course not. She got up and went to the bathroom without asking and snuck around trying to do other things. The only reason she got caught is that she was still so loopy from the surgery that she kept telling on herself.

The next day when her nephew Bill came to relieve her niece, he was given a full report on her non-compliant behavior. You should know that her nephew Bill is retired military, US Army Special Forces, but I don’t even think his military training prepared him for Doc’s behavior.

Now that Doc is feeling a little stronger she has calmed down some and has admitted to her family that she made some bad choices. The funny thing is that her dad and her Aunt Pat both acted the same way and she swore to herself she wouldn’t put her family through that. I guess what they say about the apple never falling far from the tree is true.

It is surprising how much Doc can accomplish with her left arm in a sling. Personally I think she is still trying to do too much too soon, but it wouldn’t be like Doc to sit around all day.

I am keeping my eye on her the best I can and keeping a record of her behavior to report to the family. After all, she can’t hide anything from me.

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