Winter Funk

Photo by Angela Kirk

The post holiday slump can get depressing if you let it. Even though some people are glad when the holiday’s are over, I think it’s easy to become a little melancholy. Unless you live in a warm sunny state, most of the United States is in the middle of winter with shorter, dreary, cold days. So what’s a dog or human to do? You can either give in to your brain telling you to eat comfort food and hibernate or you can shake things up in your life!

Doc has always been the type of person that likes to stir things up every once in a while and I am right there with her. She told me the other day that as you get older is easy to get stuck in the same old pattern and bore yourself to death. So the other day Doc signed us up at a new volunteer organization. We started last night. It will give us more opportunities to offer more therapy dog visits in different locations. We are both excited to get started and gives us a new purpose to look forward to. There happened to be a cooking class being taught in the same building our meeting was in and I told Doc I would like to volunteer as their taste tester, but she nixed that idea fast.

So get up off your duff and go do something different than binge watching all the shows on Netflix or Amazon. There’s a whole world out there with things to do. You may just have some fun and meet some new friends.




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  • connie s siegle
    January 16, 2020

    Dear Grover, I was thinking the other day that all this indoor, down time is packing the pounds on me, yes the junk in the trunk syndrome ! I wonder if a cooking class would help me ( probably not ) but I certainly like the idea of doing something differently than I have been doing. It is a little scary that sometimes you bring up a topic that I have dealing/struggling with , yes scary but good,,, See you soon. connie