Feeling Thankful

Photo by Angela Kirk

Well, we made it through another Thanksgiving. Doc cooked a big 22 pound turkey and I am happy to report that she didn’t drop it on the floor this year. There we 18 family and friends present and everyone pitched in to help with the cooking. We ate and ate until we were as stuffed as the turkey had been. I even happened to get a mouth full of mashed potatoes off of nephew Cole’s plate when he wasn’t looking.

Since all the ruckus has died down and it has been quiet enough to think, I realized that I have much to be grateful for. I forgot that for a minute when Doc made me go get a bath and a pedicure the day before Thanksgiving. I hated it because I don’t think it’s normal that a dog smells better than any of the humans in the house. I complained, but all Doc said was that I needed to work on being more grateful.

I suppose it’s only human nature to want what we don’t have and get stuck dwelling on the negatives.  So after mulling things over I have decided to celebrate what I do have and what’s going well in my life. I know I have a life any dog would be envious of. I am well cared for, have a warm and safe place to live and many humans and dogs that love me. Not bad. And guess what else? A report I heard on TV today says that people who practice gratitude have less stress in their lives and are happier, an added bonus.

So I will end today’s blog asking all of you; “What are you grateful for today?” A good question to keep in mind as we go through the holiday season.


Photo by Angela Kirk ” The things you take for granted someone else may be hoping for.”

— Anonymous