The Big Flood

Picture by Megan Roesch

Most floods happen after water rises so high from a storm that it enters from the outside in. Well the flood we were in started on the inside and quickly moved to the outside because there was nowhere else for the water to go.

It was about 5:45am and Doc and I were already at work. Doc was getting her first cup of hot morning coffee to shake off the early morning chill and she was getting me a fresh bowl of water when we first heard the gushing sound. We both looked down the hall to see a pool of water slowly moving out onto the carpeted hallway. Doc thought a toilet might have overflowed but suddenly the gushing sound became louder and the water started flowing faster down the hall toward us. ” Holly cow!”  I exclaimed to Doc in an excited voice.” They finally took my suggestion to turn this building into an indoor pool!” ” You knucklehead, she retorted, we have a leak!” By this time the water was getting the attention of the other workers.  A pipe had broken below the shutoff valve and that is never a good thing.

Not to be deterred and after finding out the Fire Department was on the way, Doc grabbed her coffee and my water bowl and we went to higher ground.  It was way too early in the morning for Doc to face an emergency without her coffee.

After retrieving our first patient from the still dry lobby we had our first session while keeping the door cracked just enough so that I could lay and keep watch just in case there was a need to evacuate. It was rather exciting watching the firemen and the other buildings managers go by. By the end of the session, the water was starting to make its way down our hall so we had our patient safely exit out the back door.

Always the good Girl Scout, Doc whipped a pair of rain boots out of her file cabinet and we both went to see if we could help. Along the way we ran into the three nice firemen and I took some time to visit with them and then pose for pictures. It’s the least I could do for people who put their lives on the line for others. We then waded through water and went to the lobby to help patients until we could relocate everything in our other building across the street.

The bad news is that there is a lot of water damage to the building and we won’t be able to use it for a while. But the good news is that everyone worked hard so that our patients are still being served every day. The other good news is that since Doc and I don’t have a regular office space, I get to stay home this week and do things I am not supposed to do like sleep in Doc’s bed. Whoo hoo! I  am one lucky dog.


The F Word

Photo by Angela Kirk

Just a routine visit to the veterinarian this week turned into my worst nightmare. I am now on food restriction. Yes, they used the F word to describe my condition, they called me fat. “Grover has gained seven pounds since August, he’s too fat for his frame!” the Vet Tech told Doc after I got off the scales.  ” Oh no” I thought to myself , I knew what was about to happen.

Doc wasted no time in changing my diet. Treats are limited to vegetables  and as soon as we got to work she started warning, well actually more like threatened my co-workers not to feed me.  I started protesting immediately and even tried to get some of Doc’s patients to give me treats when she was looking the other way. Nothing worked. I even tried to go home with Joe our special duty Columbus police officer because I knew he would feed me, but Doc caught me trying to leave.  ” At least I picked a safe adult to leave with!” I told her in a frustrated tone.

Nothing is worse than having to change old behaviors even when you know they will make you healthier. Especially changing your diet. Food tastes so good, it’s like having a party in your mouth. But what’s a dog to do when your human controls your life?

Doc finally explained the importance of me shedding a few pounds. “Dogs can become diabetic and the extra weight can also cause your hips to hurt, I just want you to have a long healthy life Grover.” So together we came up with a plan I can live with. More exercise by going to doggy day care to play with my buddies and extra long walks.  That way Doc gets some extra exercise as well when she walks  me in the park. Hopefully before too long my slim figure will return, just in time for bathing suit season.

Winter Funk

Photo by Angela Kirk

The post holiday slump can get depressing if you let it. Even though some people are glad when the holiday’s are over, I think it’s easy to become a little melancholy. Unless you live in a warm sunny state, most of the United States is in the middle of winter with shorter, dreary, cold days. So what’s a dog or human to do? You can either give in to your brain telling you to eat comfort food and hibernate or you can shake things up in your life!

Doc has always been the type of person that likes to stir things up every once in a while and I am right there with her. She told me the other day that as you get older is easy to get stuck in the same old pattern and bore yourself to death. So the other day Doc signed us up at a new volunteer organization. We started last night. It will give us more opportunities to offer more therapy dog visits in different locations. We are both excited to get started and gives us a new purpose to look forward to. There happened to be a cooking class being taught in the same building our meeting was in and I told Doc I would like to volunteer as their taste tester, but she nixed that idea fast.

So get up off your duff and go do something different than binge watching all the shows on Netflix or Amazon. There’s a whole world out there with things to do. You may just have some fun and meet some new friends.




Let’s Have A Fireside Chat

Photo by Angela Kirk

January 1, 2020,  started a new decade and for many represents change. But let’s be honest only about 46% of humans follow through on the changes you resolve to make. You know why? Because you choose goals that deprive you of pleasure. Yuck! So if you are inclined to take advice from a dog, I would tell you to set goals that bring you more pleasure not less.

My advice is to act more like a dog if you want to be truly happy this year. For example, have some fun every day by running and jumping for joy, especially when you greet someone you love. Take a nap. There is nothing better in the world than a good old nap to reduce your stress. Take a walk, to meet some nice people and enjoy nature.  Just be yourself , life’s too short to spend time trying to impress others. Be loyal to those that love and care for you and you will be rewarded tenfold. If you really want something in life, keep digging until you get it and never give up. Treat yourself to something yummy to eat every so often. I love dog cones from Dairy Queen but that’s just me. The point is you need to learn to take better care of yourself and that includes asking for what you need. Life shouldn’t just be about chores, work and “to do ” lists that need completed. Have some fun this year for heaven’s sake, it won’t kill you!

So here’s my challenge to all of you, think about one new pleasure each week that you would like to do and look forward to.  Then let me know what you come up with. It should be more fun than counting calories and or getting your finances in order. Happy New Year!