April Showers, the IRS and Mower Issues

After complaining about the dark and the cold for months, now Doc has switched to complaining about new issues that spring has brought forth. She is not the only one, so I guess this is just a thing that humans do and I have to bare my cross by acting interested and concerned, when to be honest I would rather just take a nap.

For what ever reason, humans have to fill out long forms every year for the IRS, to declare how much money they make and this makes them very grouchy. Then the government checks those forms and either gives you some of your money back or asks you for more. When I asked Doc why we give them the money we worked hard for she said because if you don’t give it to them they will cause you big trouble. When I asked what they did with the money, she said that some of that is even a mystery to her. She guessed some of it goes to programs to repair roads, help with schools and good things like that and then some of the taxes go toward and I kid you not, for NASA to study How Religious Groups Would Respond to Aliens, and to the National Science Foundation to find out If Dinosaurs Could Sing. (They couldn’t.) I asked Doc if they could send me some money and I would let them study me. She just gave me “the look.” when I asked that question.

Next on the list of grievances was how the April showers were making the grass grow too fast. She went out in our back yard yesterday to look closely at the grass and then shook her head and said, ” All this stupid rain is making the grass grow too fast. I am going to have to start mowing in about another week.” She acted so perturbed about the whole thing that I knew not to confess that I had been helping the grass grow by watering it as well.

Trying to be prepared for the inevitable, she went straight to the garage to check the lawn mower that had been shoved way in the back behind some outdoor lawn furniture. After pulling it out she checked to make sure there was gas and pulled the handle. Not a sound. After a few more tries she gave up. It was dead. Luckily, Doc knows how to fix stuff, so we went over to one of the big hardware stores and I got to go too. That place is almost as interesting as the pet store and lots of people stop and pet me when we go up and down the aisles so I like that. After Doc got a new filter, spark plug and some oil, we headed back home. It wasn’t long before she got everything done and even sharpened the blades and after just two pulls it started right up. She was relieved and so was I because it put her in a better mood for the rest of the day.

Now its Tuesday and all I have on my list for today after work is a mani-pedi over at the vets office. After all since spring is here I will be showing my paws more and I want them to look nice. Since I am a famous therapy dog I need to stay camera ready for my fans. That’s the least I can do.

Happy Spring!

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