Big Stick Diplomacy

Photo by Angela Kirk

It took over a week for all the snow to melt here in the Midwest but when it did I found many treasures that had been buried for weeks. Two tennis balls that I though I misplaced, a frisbee and a very big stick I had become quite fond of were just part of what had been beneath all that ice and snow.

Doc forever vigilant concerning what I consume came right outside when she saw me chewing on the big branch, looked at me and shook her head. ” If you get sick from eating that bark, don’t you wake me up at night with an upset stomach.” she said with authority, Thinking quickly I retorted, ” I’ll have you know that just like President Teddy Roosevelt I too speak softly and carry a big stick.” ” Oh really, she exclaimed, do tell.”  I slowly began to formulate my words carefully because I knew I was in deep and needed to sound like I knew what I was talking about.

” Well I know the president was talking about the importance of  thinking about things before they happen and having a decisive plan before there is a military crisis, but I have a different spin on it.  You know Doc, more often than not you humans walk into situations without thinking things all the way through or procrastinate until you are in a pickle and are then forced to act in the midst of chaos. Then you all act shocked by what happened and call it bad luck when in fact it was your choices that got you into the problem in the first place. ” I said with conviction.  The stick my dear Doc represents the good boundaries we need to set with ourselves and others in order to avoid a crisis.”  I sat in the yard proud of what I had come up with when she replied, ” Nice try Grover you made a good point,  now put down that stick and come inside, for supper as she pointed to the door with a smile.”

As I walked past her into the house I made a mental note to myself to never try to outsmart Doc again.

  • Tommy McCown
    March 3, 2021

    I’m 100%’ With you on this exact thought process!!!!!!”” When people refer to the saying of” Game of life “!!? It’s a great analogy to me!!!!!!!? Because in life’ just like a baseball game “ you have to start with a plan of action!!!!!? And then play with your strengths!!!!? And when you get a hit!?” Ya take full advantage of this successful action!!!?? And if ya strike out!?? Then try to learn from it and then the next time I get to bat! ??” Think positive of the upcoming pitch!!!? And not the negative of striking out the last time that you were up to bat!!?? And then when ya get another hit!? Homer!!?? Take full advantage of this!? And then when it’s your time to play defense and be the one throwing pitches!!? Take what experiences that you have been learning in the past!!?? And then ya have to always be thinking about what you gotta do to take the game!!? Ya. Have to be thinking ahead!!? Whoever is on your team!? What when and how are you and them going to be working together to have success!!!??? And then there’s always gotta be a backup plan!!!!!?? A teammate not doing well at his or hers position!!? Gotta replace them!!?? The pitches are not doing anything to stop the batter!!? Gotta have different calls and pitches lined up!!?? And I believe that if you align yourself with the best people who are around you!!!? Then you’ll more than likely be at your best!!!!!!!? Hopefully this made sense!? And it aligned with the Carrie a big stick analogy!!!?” Lol “ But anyway “ Thanks Grover!!! I love getting to read and hopefully understand what you two wisely inform me and get my little brain a going!!? It really helps me!!?? God bless you all today Shalom

    • Grover
      March 3, 2021

      Great analogy Tommy, you are right on point! Thanks for your comment.
      The best to you,