Bothering Baby Bunnies

Now that I am healthy again, I am feeling good enough to engage in my normal activities. In fact, what I see as ‘normal” dog behavior got me in big trouble over the weekend and I am still on time out for what I did. Let me just start by saying that the story I am about to tell you, did not have a tragic ending.

Sunday was such a beautiful, sunny day that Doc decided we should spend most of it outside. Our next door neighbor was outside with his three children weeding the flower bed and Doc decided to lay on her lounge chair to do a little reading and get some sun. It started out to be a very pleasant day. As lunch time approached, we were both getting hungry, so Doc decided to go inside and heat up some soup and make a sandwich. I stayed outside until she called me in for lunch to play with the dogs and children next door for awhile., when suddenly some movement in the grass on the other side of yard caught this dogs attention. As any dog would do, I went over to investigate. Below the moving grass was a hole in the ground and I could see some little brown furry figures moving around. I must have startled them because just as I was about to stick my nose into the hole, the little creatures hopped out. Three baby bunnies were now hopping around in our yard.

Doc must have noticed that there was a commotion going on, because she came out on the back porch to investigate. When she saw those baby bunnies she started looking concerned and started flailing her arms around while she hollered at me to get in the house. I didn’t listen because I just knew she would take my new little friends away from me. I did what any dog would do, I picked up the one baby bunny nearest to me in my mouth and ran to the other end of the yard with it. The other bunnies had already hopped under the fence to freedom. Doc now looking panicked and yelled ” Drop that bunny Grover!” in such a loud, stern voice that the next door neighbor came over to see what was going on. Then they both started yelling at me to “drop it.” When Doc uses that strict voice with me I know I will be in trouble if I do not comply so I dropped the little thing on the grass. It just laid there for a minute probably stunned by all the activity when slowly it got up and started hopping away. Doc grabbed me by the collar, took me in the house and after putting on her garden gloves, she carefully picked up the baby bunny, checked it over and put it back in the nest and covered the hole with grass hoping the mother and its brothers and sisters would return after things had calmed down. All Doc could say to me when she came in the house was ” Grover, what is wrong with you, that thing is just a baby and too big for you to play with.” Not too long after the incident, Doc left and went to dinner with friends while I was left at home alone with my own thoughts.

At a little after 8pm, Doc returned, walked right past me without any acknowledgement and went in the back yard to check on the baby bunny. To her surprise it was gone along with its two siblings. As for me, I was not permitted in the back yard and was taken out in the front yard on a leash. Then we went to bed.

The next morning at about 7am, Doc went out back again to check on the rabbit nest. ” All the bunnies are gone Grover, you can go in the back yard now.” So the first thing I did was go over to the rabbit nest to see for myself. It made me sad that they left before I got to play with all of them. Later in the morning we saw the mother rabbit in the yard and knew the babies must be near by on the other side of the fence. ” Luckily they were old enough to leave the nest Grover.” ” I don’t understand what I did wrong? ” I said to Doc. ” Grover we have to respect nature and that means to leave it alone. I know you did not mean to hurt that baby but it was way to little for you to be carrying around and playing with, that’s why I got so upset, you could have really hurt that baby. So the next time mama bunny trusts us enough to build a nest in our yard we will leave the babies alone, understood?.” I nodded my head in agreement.

This morning before work, I went outside to check on that rabbit nest again hoping that by some chance they came back to visit. But it was still empty. It’s the circle of life Doc talks to me about and this time I learned my place in it, the hard way.

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