Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Have you ever regretted not listening to your instincts? Well recently, I ignored mine when every sign told me that something was about to change, but I remained in denial until reality slapped me in the face. It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but is was a change and I didn’t like it. Quite frankly, since I am at the mercy of Doc’s whims most of the time I don’t always have a choice and that stinks.

Doc will tell you in a heart beat that people’s behaviors and body language will let you know the real truth about someone. So I should have been more observant when I saw Doc changing some things around here along with the subjects she was researching about healthy living on the internet. Duh, how did I miss it? Simple, I did not want to think the unthinkable until she came home from the grocery store and I noticed my favorite food item was missing. “Where’s the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?” I asked thinking she must not have noticed we were almost out and forgot to get more. ” I didn’t buy any”. She replied much too casually. “I decided we would be making some healthy changes to our diet.” Who’s we? I thought to myself silently and why had I not gotten a vote?

Going off to sulk alone didn’t help, so I started to process my feelings. For awhile I remained in denial, then I became miffed and finally I felt sad. All the stages of grief. It was hard to think about what my life would be like without licking Doc’s bowel after she left me some of my favorite flavors. No more Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia in the evening while I watch Celebrity Family Feud. It was more than I could handle, so I decided to confront Doc. ” Why didn’t you tell me we were giving up ice cream? I didn’t agree to that.” I said with conviction. ” Well Grover, I though you knew and agreed. You never said any thing when you saw me throwing fattening foods out when I cleaned out the pantry a few weeks ago. I told you I was trying to eat healthier. I’m sorry, I thought you understood that I wanted you to be healthier too.” she said with genuine remorse in her voice. ”

For someone that communicates for a living she sure bungled this one and I told her so. ” So how are we going to sort this out and come to an agreement?” she asked. ” Well, can we just finish the two pints left in the freezer and then move on? ” I asked. ” I just need time to think this through and say a proper good by to old Ben &Jerry before I embrace eating healthier.” ” That’s fair, she said. I know it’s hard to rap your head around change but you will like what I bought you for a new snack.” ” What is it?” I asked with hope in my voice. ” Blueberries and apple slices.” she said.

After hearing that, I was relieved. I thought she might offer me some weird alpha sprout smoothie. Yuck! I actually like fruit for a snack, but let’s face it, nothing is better than your favorite ice cream after a long hard day. Maybe I’ll stash one of those pints outside in the snow, just in case and hope Doc changes her mind. After all, Doc is only human and long term changes are hard.

  • Wayne
    January 26, 2022


    • Grover
      January 27, 2022

      Thank you