“Doc, I’m Sick”

fullsizerender-6It started with the nausea that roles over you like a wave, then the vomiting and the grumbling bowel issues started. There was no doubt about it, I was sick.

I don’t want to admit that I may have had something to do with it by sneaking a variety of things that aren’t really meant to be digested by any living thing. But once you go down the road of eating tissues, rabbit poo, and any strange thing that smells like it might taste good, it’s too late, you have already developed a habit. This time I paid for it and so did Doc in Vet. bills.

She started to get concerned the first day when I couldn’t keep my food down. The concern turned to worry when she tried everything she knew to help my upset stomach and three days later I was still sick. So off to the vet we went and they took an x-ray of my tummy, administered IV fluids for some dehydration, gave me a big shot in my behind that stung like the dickens and some antibiotics to take home.

The next morning I felt a little better, but by afternoon, Doc noticed I hadn’t drunk one drop of water and was sleeping most of the time. Doc looked alarmed. She got right back on the phone to the Vet’s office and those nice people got me an appointment to see my favorite veterinarian, Dr. Balazs that afternoon. Dr. Balazs looked me over again, then took some blood to check my liver and kidneys. Luckily all the tests were ok. She then changed some of my medication around and gave us some new dog food to settle my tummy and re-hydrate me, giving me strict orders to rest.

The next day all I did was eat and sleep while Doc kept vigil. Gradually I started feeling better and by Sunday morning, I felt good enough that I brought my tennis ball over to Doc, something I hadn’t done in a week. You should have seen the relief on her face.

I’m still on the mend, but doing better every day. I continue to take antibiotics that I don’t like the taste of. Doc tries to disguise the pills in my food, but I find it and spit it out on the rug. ( I think she is trying to poison me.) Determined I will take my medication, she then brings the pill to work where she asks Amy the nurse to administer my medication. I don’t argue with Amy, after all she is a trained medical professional. If Amy’s not available then Carolyn the counselor gives it to me. I love her, but I know she doesn’t mess around, so I do what she says.

Doc and I need each other, that is clear. I couldn’t ask for a better human to look after me and I know she feels I take good care of her. I think you can get through just about anything in life if you have a person that really loves you by your side.


4 thoughts on ““Doc, I’m Sick””

  1. Grover I Really Hope That You Get Back To Your Old Self ” Acting like the Puppy That You Are “!!! LOL ” I’m Praying For Ya ” I miss talking with you And Doc ” Well You Guys Take Care ” And God Bless You Always “!! Sincerely Yours,Tommy “

    1. Thanks for thinking about me. I am starting to feel better and Doc is taking good care of me.
      Best wishes,

  2. Grover, I have a feeling that you are going to be just fine,,, besides sometimes we must have bad days to truly appreciate the great days. The doc will make sure that you get the best care possible. Connie

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