Finding Joy From Helping Others

Photo by Angela Kirk

She did it again. I knew as soon as Doc took her suitcase down off the closet shelf that she was going to pack up and leave me. I have to admit that for one hot minute I thought I might get to go along. That thought vanished quickly when I saw her putting my dog food in plastic bags and my dog bed in the car. Oh well, what’s a mutt to do but go along with the humans agenda?

Early the next morning, I stood by helpless as the suitcases were zipped up and placed by the back door. Submitting to the inevitable I decided to bring along my favorite toy for comfort. Holding the toy  securely in my mouth, I obediently got into the back of car.

After a short ride, we arrived at the veterinarian  where I would stay for what I understood to be at least 7 dog years. While waiting for the vet technician to come out and get me, I tried one last-ditch effort to stay with Doc by parking my 82 pound bony behind on her two feet so that she wouldn’t leave without me. No use, she just slipped those two feet out from under me, kissed me on the forehead and went out the door without even glancing back at me.

After pouting in the kennel for a while, I gave up and fell sound asleep. The next morning after breakfast the nice ladies that work there asked me if I would help them at the front desk.  I was more than excited  and not only did I keep them company, but I got to greet an array of cats, dogs and any other creature that needed to see the doctor. It was nice to be needed and I soon found out that even though I missed Doc, it was nice to be needed and to help out.

The days went by quicker than I realized and one evening after supper they came back to tell me that Doc was there to pick me up. Doc looked happy and rested and I told her all about how I helped out while she was gone. ” I loved helping at the front office.” I told her. “Some of those animals looked so scared when they came in, I just reassured them it would be ok and that the doctor just wanted to help them feel better.” What a nice thing for you to do.” Doc said. ” It didn’t even feel like a job”. I remarked. Doc looked at me in the eye like she does when she is going to say something serious and said; ” We always feel happier when we are being of service to others.”

She was right. Feeling content to be home, I stretched out on the couch beside Doc, put my head in her lap and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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  • connie r siegle
    March 14, 2018

    Dear Grover, all is well that ends well,,,,(so I’ve been told !) I am so glad that the Doctor was rested and you were needed, it just goes to prove that things are not always as they seem. You thought you were going to be miserable but here you got to do what you do best by making everyone feel safe and calm. Connie