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Torrington_Gopher_Hole_Museum Doc and I are already dreaming about next year’s summer vacation and have come across some interesting places we would like to visit. So, pack your suitcase and grab your passport if you’re not from Canada. Now you can cross one more thing off you’re bucket list as we travel to Torrington, Albert, Canada to the one and only Gopher Hole Museum.

For the mere price of $2 from June- September you can view stuffed gophers in a variety of scenes like making a snowman, getting married, at the beauty shop or on a picnic. Don’t miss the angry letters sent in by some people saying ” Gophers are an endangered species.”

You may be wondering how such a museum got started. Well, just like many ideas, it came out of necessity. Torrington was being overrun with gophers and they wanted a different kind of museum that would attract tourists to their town. Voila! the Gopher Hole museum was born. The proof that it is worth the drive is in the reviews. ” So funny I nearly peed myself.” remarked one visitor. If that remark doesn’t spark your interest I don’t know what will.

If stuffed gophers are not your thing you can head to Houston, Texas for the National Museum of Funeral History.  Learn about caskets, coffins and hearses. Then head east toward Philadelphia to take in the Historical Dental Museum. While visiting, don’t miss the bucket filed to the brim with teeth, pulled by early 20th century dentist nicknamed ” Painless Parker.”

Here’s hoping we gave you some good ideas for a family trip next summer. I know Doc and I will be marking the days off of our calendar until it’s time to leave.

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