Holiday Memories

IMG_3606 Looking out the window into the darkness, I could see the stars twinkling between the snow flakes. A cold wind was whistling outside. Doc’s family had arrived and were warm in front of the fire. Tired after a long drive they were sprawled out on the couch watching “Christmas Vacation” on the TV. The scent of fresh baked cookies waffled through the air.

I heard the rattle of the leash and ran to the back door where Doc was bundled up for our evening walk. She looked down at me and smiled and we headed out into the cold Christmas Eve night. The world outside was quiet, as families huddled in their homes completing last minute holiday chores. Lights of all colors decorated the outside of the homes we passed, helping to brighten the way.

As we walked, Doc reminisced about her her childhood holidays and how special her parents had made them. She told me her father standing at 6’4″ would convince the children that he was one of Santa’s Elves and kept a list of who was naughty or nice. No one ever questioned how an elf could be that tall. It was just part of the magic. Doc’s mom made sure the house looked festive and cooked enough food to feed the masses. Carols played on the stereo as her father hung the stockings over the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Soon the children were hustled off to bed so that Santa could arrive. Elves on the shelves kept watch. Looking up into Doc’s face, I could see she had been transported to a different time. There was a soft sparkle in her eyes.

Before long, we arrived back at the house and welcomed the warmth as we entered through the door. Pausing, Doc looked down at me and  told me it was time to go to bed so that Santa could come. “Remember I am one of his elves.” she said with a chuckle “and I tell him which puppies have been naughty or nice.” I went straight to bed.

Doc and I wish all of you and your loved ones a beautiful holiday season and a Happy New Year!


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