Hospital Blues

Greetings from the critical care unit of The Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital. Yup, I have been in the hospital since Sunday night and Danielle, the fourth year veterinary student that has been assigned to my case , was nice enough to let me borrow her lap top so I could start writing my blog while I am waiting for Doc to bust me out of this place. Its been quite the ordeal over the last few days and I wanted to let you know what happened.

It all started last Friday when I woke up and my tummy didn’t feel too good. I ate half of my breakfast and Doc took the rest to work with us for me to eat later, which I did. About mid morning, I got that sickening feeling in my stomach and knew breakfast was about to leave my tummy, so Doc quickly took me outside. I felt better for while, but by dinner time I could not even stand the smell of food and refused to eat. You all know that’s not like me at all and I am not ashamed to eat dirt, trash or even bunny poop which is probably the cause of these medical issues.

In the morning I was still on a hunger strike and my symptoms were getting worse, so we made a trip to my veterinarian. They gave me IV fluids, a shot to stop nausea and some other pills and sent me home. Doc watched me like a hawk all day and to tell you the truth I was glad, I was one sick puppy. Sunday morning, I was not doing any better, so off we went to OSU Urgent care where they gave me IV fluids again and more shots. I got concerned when I heard the vet talking to Doc about admitting me to the main hospital for supportive care. Doc opted to take me home, but over the course of a few hours I continued to decline and she took me to the hospital on Sunday night. Doc sure looked worried when we went inside to be admitted and that concerned me too but I knew she had me there because I needed more medical help than she could give me at home. After the doctors assessed me and said they would admit me, Doc kissed me on the forehead and they took me back to the critical care unit. I was scared.

The only thing that diverted my attention was that there were so many different kind of animals at this hospital that I almost forgot about my own discomfort. There were lots of dogs, cats, a sick bunny, an iguana and in the other section of the hospital I heard the veterinarians talking about a baby kangaroo that was being admitted from the Columbus Zoo. I am glad that I didn’t have to be roommates with that baby kangaroo, they kick too hard.

While I was there they drew lots of blood, gave me IV medication, took x rays and tried to figure out what was causing my problems. Doctors came around twice per day with their students to do rounds and talk about my case. I was glad to help future vets learn from my illness. By Monday night I was showing some improvement and eating again, so they called Doc and told her if I continued to improve that they would release me on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday Morning, I heard Dr. Chen, the head vet call Doc and tell her I had improved enough to go home in the afternoon. She was telling Doc all these medical terms that described my condition and how to take care of me. i didn’t care I just wanted to leave. If I hadn’t been so worn out I would have done a happy dance.

At about 2:30pm, they told me Doc was here and Dr. Chen took me in an exam room and there was Doc looking tired and concerned, but glad to see me. I was quiet while they talked, thinking about how wonderful it would be to sleep in my own bed again.

When we finally got home, all I did was sleep right beside Doc. I didn’t want to leave her side and she looked so relieved she didn’t leave my side either, we stuck together like glue. That’s what happens when you go through a medical crisis with someone you care about, its scary. Luckily this one had a happy ending.

Now it’s early Wednesday morning and I am finishing my blog at work. Can you believe Doc made me come to work after just getting out of the hospital? She told me I needed to work to earn money to pay for the hospital bills. Can you believe that? Anyway its nice for things to start feeling normal again and I am on the mend.

Doc and I both want to thank The Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital and all the nice staff that nursed me back to health , all of the staff and clients at CompDrug, friends, family and those that read my blog that supported us through this. It just goes to show you how love and support can get you through the scariest times in your life.

  • Terry French
    June 8, 2022

    Grover, I am so glad you are feeling better. I’m sure Doc is feeling better too.

    • Grover
      June 9, 2022

      Thank you for your concern. I am getting stronger everyday and as a resul, Doc has stop worrying about me so much.
      Take care,

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