Love Stinks!

Even though Valentine’s day has passed, love is still in the air, but it stinks! In case you didn’t know, it is skunk mating season. And yes, I barely missed another encounter with a skunk on Tuesday morning.

As you will recall last summer I got into a wrestling match with a skunk in our back yard just before dawn last summer, and got sprayed in the face. So I guess statistically I am about due again. If it wasn’t for Doc’s quick actions, we both would haven gotten sprayed again this week.

On Tuesday morning, when Doc opened up the garage door, there under the moonlight, was a rather mature Pepe` Le Pew staring right at us with his beady little eyes. Now my instinct was to lunge forward because apparently I never learn my lesson when it comes to skunks, but Doc was quicker and pulled me back into the garage by my leash while the black and white striped stinker ran way. Luckily, the love he was searching for did not look like an 82 pound Labradoodle.

Doc was relieved, but looked at me and shook her head. ” What is wrong with you Grover? Aren’t you tired of being sprayed by skunks?” What she doesn’t know, is that dogs love to chase skunks, it’s our prey instinct and except for being sprayed, it’s fun. But I knew it would be of no help to try and explain that to her. Being a therapist, Doc is all about the lessons we learn and since it was obvious I had not learned mine, that was all we talked about on the 20 minute ride to work. I hate it when she right. Yes, even dogs have egos, but that didn’t mean I would swear off skunk wrangling forever. I still have the rest of winter to have another encounter while they troll around our yard looking for love. My big advice to Doc is to keep plenty of her de-skunking potion on hand just in case.

  • Connie
    February 22, 2023

    Grover, Grover, Grover ! I guess that hole you keep falling into has special meaning to you, my canine friend . Suggestion, “ have the Doctor find someone who could de-stink a skunk, build it a habitat in the backyard and there you go “ hahaha

    • Grover
      February 23, 2023

      That’s not a bad idea!
      Best Wishes,

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