Monsters in the Yard

A_Wild_Rabbit_at_Lossiemouth_-_geograph_org_uk_-_1441920Doc and I are early risers during the work week. She lets me out a 5am and everything usually goes like clockwork, that is, until this morning.

I alerted Doc to the problem with a low growl and that got her attention right away. There was something moving in the grass in the back yard and it wouldn’t leave. I didn’t want to act like I was scared, but I was. Doc turned on the porch light so she could see. She didn’t miss a beat. She charged out the back door in her pajamas, bed head blowing in the wind. As she closed in on the terrible beast, at first it wouldn’t budge, but Doc stomped her feet and waved her hands until the beast hopped away through the wooden slats of the fence. As it turned out, the monster was a baby bunny. Feeling safe, I went on about my morning routine and Doc went back in the house.

The best thing about the whole adventure is that I learned that I can always count on Doc. She never made fun of me for being scared, she just took care of business. Doc thinks it’s no big deal, that everyone is afraid of something. But, it’s just so nice to have someone to scare the monsters away without making you feel bad for being afraid.

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  1. Connie Siegle

    I absolutely loved Monsters in the Yard… it is always nice to know that we have people in our lives who protect us and never make fun of our fears. Thanks Doc…

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