My Christmas Wish


It’s the night before Christmas,

I’ve waited all year,

for my jolly old friend,

to reappear.


The stockings are hung,

the Christmas tree glows

and the moon light twinkles,

off the new fallen snow.


Despite all my protests,

Doc sends me to bed

because good little dogs

need to rest their weary heads.


I try to stay awake,

but the Sandman arrives,

and sprinkles his magic dust

until I close my eyes.


I am peaceful and warm,

asleep in my bed,

when I’m suddenly awakened,

by a pat on my head.


I open my eyes

and who do I see,

my dear friend Santa Clause,

looking at me.


I cuddle up next to him,

with my head in his lap

and we just sit in silence,

while he takes a little nap.


But soon he awakens

and looks in my eyes

and asks, what’s wrong Grover,

you looked troubled inside?


I am troubled Santa,

but it’s not about me,

it’s about all the loneliness

and suffering I see.


If you could grant me,

just one Christmas wish,

please help all the humans

who feel sad and adrift


Santa ponders my request

for quite a long while

and then looks at me softly

and says with a smile,


Grover, you have the power

to grant your own wish,

It’s really quite easy

for you to accomplish.


Just continue to do

what you do every day,

by loving each person

that crosses your way.


Don’t ever doubt

the power that one,

person or dog

can have on someone.


Love is a powerful healer

my dear,

that spreads through our hearts

and destroys all the fear.


And just as I was pondering

all that Santa had said,

he bent down and kissed

the top of my furry head.


I love you dear Grover

and I’ll see you next year,

but now it’s time to fly

with all my reindeer.


Then Santa turned,

placed his finger aside his nose

and without any effort

up the chimney he rose.


As he got in his sleigh,

and drove out of sight,

I knew this had been

a very magical Christmas Eve night.


































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