Senior Slap

9d84dbda92f377039250d5dffe3d8483Hearing Doc gasp in such a loud voice, I ran from the other room to see what was the matter. “Look at this Grover,” she said as she pointed to the headline in the locale paper. I couldn’t believe it when I read; Game of pool results in dustup at senior center. 

According to the police report a 61 year old slapped an 84 years old man for “running his mouth” during a game of pool. The 61 year old man told police it was only a slap, but he has been banned for life from the senior center. Good grief! I bet that man acted the same way when he was a kid and has gotten away with that his whole life. If I ever tried that kind of behavior, Doc would put me in time out.

Learning to get along in the pack is so important in the canine community because it’s how we survive, so when I hear that even the senior citizens are duking it out, I get concerned. I asked Doc why humans act that way. She said there are many reason’s including anger, fear, frustration and immaturity, just to name a few. Ugh!

I suppose if those guys don’t learn to get along, there’s always a reality show waiting for them on the cable network Bravo. I can see it now, instead of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” it can be “The Fighting Seniors of West Palm Beach.”




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  • connie
    March 9, 2016

    Kind of reminds me of a republican who has been on the news a lot lately… I could see it now…the president of the United States of American getting his feelings hurt and smacking the closest person…lol