Sunday in the Park

Since the weather is getting better, we decided that in honor of Earth Day, we would start a weekend tradition of going to all the fabulous parks in our area. It’s not only good to get some exercise, but being in nature is both soothing to the soul and for this dog, there is the added excitement of new odors to sniff.

This week we started at Innis Woods Metro Garden and went on a hiking trail that was called Chipmunk Chatter. It wrapped around for a little more than 1.2 miles deep into the woods. Since it was early in the morning, there was no one on the trail, so I kept extra alert for any rogue, wild animals, like deer, fox or chipmunks that could possibly attack us. Someone had to be on alert, as Doc was walking down the trail oblivious to any danger that might be lurking near by. Isn’t she aware of all the BigFoot sightings in Ohio? No, she was too busy listening to the song birds singing and admiring all the wild flowers in bloom.

It was quiet beautiful and peaceful back in the woods as we walked past wetlands, streams and park land filled with large trees and greenery. It’s so uplifting to see everything coming to life after a long winter.

When we got back to the entrance of the trail, there were quite a few more people visiting the beautiful gardens in the other part of the park. Doc told me that dogs are not allowed in that part of the park, so we admired the flowers form afar. I bet you they made that rule after a few dogs tried to dig up the flower beds. There are always those few mutts that spoil it for everyone because they don’t know how to act in public.

After we got back home, we had a nice Sunday breakfast and then I got up on Doc’s bed to take a nap. I was already dreaming of where we would go next weekend. I think I am really going to enjoy these weekly adventures.

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