The Resolution

Photo by Angela Kirk

On Monday in group counseling, Doc decided that a good way to wrap up the year was look at the things in life we need to let go of so that we can focus on what we want to accomplish in 2019. It’s funny how stuff from the past can bog us down both emotionally and physically, robbing us of the energy we need to move forward. The patient’s liked the exercise and were all able to identify what they need to let go of like guilt and grudges. They also came up with new goals to focus on along with a plan of how to implement them. Discussing all of this in group got Doc to thinking and that is when that uneasy feeling came over me knowing that somehow she would drag me into whatever she was planning.

Doc feels like we should practice what we preach, so instead of having fun and relaxing on New Years Eve like most normal people, Doc got out pencil and paper and began to make a list. I was lying on the couch trying to watch the festivities on TV when Doc looked at me and said ” Grover when you went to be groomed last week and they put you on the scale I noticed you had gained a pound in one month.” ” So what’s your point?” I said as I munched on some of Doc’s pop corn. ” The point is, that we could both work on getting healthier”  she exclaimed. “What’s this “we” business?” I retorted.  But as soon as the words came out of my mouth I knew it was futile to resist. In case you don’t know by now, when Doc gets focused on something she is like a horse headed for the barn. I just nodded, hoping she would forget about it by the next day.

Yesterday when we went back to work, I resumed my regular door to door rounds looking for treats from the staff members that always feed me. When Doc caught me she didn’t say a word, she just turned on her heals, went back to her office and emerged with a sign in hand. She bent down and attached it to the bandanna around my neck. The sign read…Grover has been fed, do not fall for his manipulations. Although the sign thwarted my usual plan, it worked. In one week when Doc weighed me I had lost the one pound I had put on. I have to admit I do feel better now that I’m off the junk food and Doc is eating healthier too. Sometimes it’s good to make some changes even if you are dragged into them kicking and screaming.

Happy New Year!


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