The Rush Before the Storm

Photo by Angela Kirk

After the double Thanksgiving disappointment of the turkey being so small I barely got any left overs and not being able to spend the day with the family because of COVID, I became verklempt. Let me tell you that using Zoom to see the ones you love is just not my cup of tea. If I can’t smell and lick the humans I love, what’s the point? Doc comforted me the next day when she shared her turkey sandwich with me and then it was time to get to work.

We had exactly three days of nice fall weather left before the temperature would drop and the snow would move in.  Out of the garage came the Christmas decorations and lights for the outside of the house and after about an hour we had the front of the house looking festive. Next it was a mad rush over the next few days to finish all the outside chores. We cleaned out the flower beds, raked the rest of the leaves, put the porch furniture away, touched up the picket fence with white stain and even swept and straightened up the garage. It was a good kind of tired at the end of each day because it was a sign that we had really accomplished something. Sunday after noon we took some time to savor the end of the mild weather by taking a little nap in the sun on the back porch. It was one of those moments where you try to memorize what it feels like to have the warm sun on your face knowing it will be awhile before you experience that again.

On Monday morning when I woke Doc up at 5am it was raining. By 8:30am it had started pelting wet snow. Being the hardy souls that we are we went for our mile walk anyway and came back wet and cold but refreshed.  During the night the snow really began to fall and when we woke up, the ground was covered and it was still snowing. I went outside and made dog angels in the snow by rolling around to my hearts content.

Last night Doc and I put up the Christmas tree and then sprawled out on the couch resting from all of our hard labor over the last few days. This morning the sun was glistening off of the snow and the world looked beautiful again. In spite of everything going on, Doc and I always try to remember to count our blessings.


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