Time to Emerge and Celebrate!

Photo by Angela Kirk

Holly Cow! After being mostly home bound for over a year, the celebrations are back! People are emerging post vaccines like the seventeen year cicadas that are rising from the bowls of the earth this spring! But I’m not complaining.  It’s nice to have the problem of trying to fit in all the birthday and graduation parties into our schedule again, but this is not true for everyone, as some of you are feeling anxious.

Just the other day someone told Doc that after being locked down for so long, they feel safer at home. I get it. At the beginning I was a little blue from having to be home and away from work, the humans I loved seeing every day and our routine. Then after awhile, I got use to being home, sleeping when I wanted and feeling safe in our little bubble. It became my new normal routine and now we are faced with switching things up again.

Change can feel overwhelming sometimes, even if it’s a positive change. So here’s what Doc and I suggest, take it slowly. Remember that balance is the key. Re-emerge gradually back into the world and don’t forget to breath if you feel yourself becoming anxious.  It’s also important to have “me time” to relax. I personally like to lie out in the back yard at dusk when the world is still and commune with the nocturnal critters that roam the earth after dark.  In other words, find something that soothes you and practice it daily.

In the end, always remember that you made it this far and that is something to celebrate. After all, we could be like the poor cicadas that after getting to emerge from the earth after seventeen years their only task is to molt, mate and then expire by June.  Now that is just kind of sad.


3 thoughts on “Time to Emerge and Celebrate!”

  1. Rebecca Harris

    thank you again for your wise words grove, I have a friend who would really benefit from this so am going to send it to her, if you don’t mind,have a good day grover

  2. connie siegle

    Dear Grover, I enjoyed the post today and must admit, this getting back out is a little weird for me too so I guess it was time to address it, lol I am secretly very excited to get things back to normal and start interacting with human again, social media and phone calls are getting old,,, hope to see you soon and tell the Doctor I said hello. Connie

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