TSN, Try Something New

Photo by Angela Kirk

I can’t say that I was surprised when I read that 37 percent of Americans have never lived outside of their hometown with the exception of college or military service. And over half of you have never lived outside of the state you were born in. It is true that most humans don’t like change. I get it, I don’t like it much either and I have lived with Doc in the same house my whole life. It’s feels safer to have the predictability of doing the same things with the same people day after day after day. The more I thought about this, I had to ask myself if I was really experiencing life to the fullest? So I decided to start shaking some things up in my life.

Yesterday, Doc told me to get in the car to go and run some errands with her after work. I thought this might be my chance to start living outside my comfort zone so I kept my eyes open for a chance. It’s not like I was prepared to totally change my life but Doc often says it’s the little things that can make a big difference and can boost your confidence as well.  We needed to go to the pet store for some dog food so I thought I could start by asking for a different flavor. The nice sales girl told me I could pick from salmon, turkey, duck, whitefish or kangaroo kibble. Kangaroo sounded a little to exotic for my tastes so I went with whitefish. “Excellent choice.” the salesgirl said like I was ordering dinner at a high priced restaurant.  Doc asked me if i was sure if I wanted a new flavor. ” What if you don’t like it?” she asked.”You will be stuck with it.”  ” I know I will love it,”  I told her a bit too smugly.

On the way to the cash register I also took it upon myself to glance through the dog treat section and pick up my favorite bully stick to carry to the counter when Doc wasn’t looking. She wasn’t all that thrilled when she saw the cost was $10 but since I already had it in my mouth, she paid for it and we left.

It was dinner time when we were done with all of our errands and got home, so I was excited to try my new dog kibble. I hopped up and down and drooled as Doc measured out the food into the dish with eager anticipation. I dove right in and after one mouth full I almost spit it out on the floor. “Yuck!” I said as I looked at Doc in horror because I knew what she was about to say. ” New choices sometimes come with new consequences” she said.

Well after two days I am getting use to white fish kibble and it’s not so bad. The next time I will try something safer in my quest for new life adventures. Don’t let my experience deter you from trying something new, you may just try the one thing that takes your life on a whole new marvelous adventure.

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