Waiting for Santa










Anxiously I wait to see my old friend;

finally a year has come to an end.

By the chimney I lay, curled up in Doc’s chair;

my present for Santa wrapped up with great care


But while I am waiting

I drift off to sleep;

Dreaming of dog bones

and other good treats


When all of a sudden I hear a big clatter,

that wakes me from slumber to see what’s the matter

I open my eyes to see the old elf

and my tail starts to wag in spite of myself


He leans down and pats me on top of my head

and asks me why I’m not asleep in my bed

“I was waiting for you Santa, I’ve waited all year,

I’m happy to see you and all the reindeer”.


“I’ve been a good dog,

as good as can be;

So you would be proud

and visit with me.”


That is when Santa

sits down in the chair,

hugging me close,

then speaks with great care.


“I love you dear Grover,

you’re such a good boy;

You help lots of humans,

and bring them great joy.”


“You’re the spirit of Christmas

all through the year,

you love unconditionally

without any fear.”


Then Santa kisses me

on top of the nose;

turns very swiftly

and up the chimney he goes.


But I hear him exclaim,

as his sleigh leaves my sight;

Merry Christmas sweet Grover

and a restful good night!























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