Waiting for the Jolly Old Elf

Photo by Angela Kirk

It’s Christmas Eve and the house is so still

as I glance out the snow kissed window sill.

It’s that special night, I wait for all year,

for my friend in the red suit to appear.

Doc is sleeping and snug in her bed

when I hear the faint sound of sleigh bells overhead.

In a matter of seconds I look up to see

Santa Clause staring at me.

He pats me gently on top of my head,

then looks at me very seriously and says,

“Grover what are you doing up all alone?

Does Doc know you’re downstairs all on your own?”

” Yes Santa, Doc knows I’m not asleep,

she said I could wait up to see you if I didn’t make a peep.

As Santa begins to place the presents under the tree,

he looks over and motions to me.

” Grover, come and tell me what you’ve been doing all year,

are you still helping people and bringing them cheer?”

” Oh yes Santa, I try to do my very best each day,

to help people’s hurt and pain go away.

But sometimes I wonder if I’m doing enough,

the people I help, their lives are so tough.”

Then Santa paused and quietly said,

” Grover the love that you give is unconditionally true

and that healing power comes from deep inside of you.

Never doubt your ability to heal

the pain and suffering that your patients feel .

A gentle lick on the hand or your head in their lap,

can bring them the happiness and comfort they lack.”

And as Santa placed the last present under our tree,

once again he looked up at me.

” How would you like to take a ride in my sleigh?

We’ll leave a note for Doc so she knows you’re away.”

And before I could finish nodding my head,

I was in Santa’s sleigh flying overhead.

We went down chimney’s and dropped off toys,

to all the good little girls and boys.

Soon I was tired so Santa took me home to bed,

after he tucked me in next to Doc he stood there and said;

“It’s time for me and the reindeer to take flight,

as there are many more children to see tonight.

But I promise you I will be back next year

to visit and check on you Grover my dear.”

Then he was gone as fast as he came,

up on the roof calling the reindeer by name.

But Santa exclaimed as he drove out of sight,

“Merry Christmas Grover and Doc and to you a good night!”






















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