Dear Grover

mailboxIt’s the New Year and it’s time to see what burning questions you have on your mind. So lets check the mail bag! Remember, if you have questions for me, I am always here to help, so drop me a line.


Dear Grover,

Since my last girlfriend, a cute Sheltie dumped me for a German Shepard with a bigger dog house, I have been lonely. Being dumped hurt my ego and I am having problems meeting new dogs. Since you are famous, I thought you could give me some good pick-up lines that have worked for you. I need a self-esteem booster and fast. Can you help me Grover?

Your biggest fan,



Dear Gordon,

Do not despair. If that Sheltie left you just because she wanted to be with a dog with a bigger dog house, I say you are lucky she left. What a shallow Sheltie. Gordon my boy, you don’t need some cheesy pick up line, you just need to be yourself. Then ask yourself, how you want to be treated by the next dog that makes your tail wag? Think about that and before you know it, you will be giving off the right scent and I guarantee you will have your pick of the litter. 

Good luck,




groverpic ” You can trust your dog to guard your house, but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich.”

— Anonymous

Post Holiday Slump

img_0689Well, the holidays are over and it’s the dead of winter in the Midwest. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I kind of have the blues. After all the hustle and bustle from Thanksgiving through New Years with relatives coming and going, suddenly everything has stopped cold. So what’s a blog-writing dog to do to get out of my winter funk?

Just when I thought I would be stuck in the doldrums, I remembered that my friend and co-worker, Carol had given me a paw conditioner for Christmas called Musher’s Secret. Made with 100% natural waxes, I could imagine my paws becoming more subtle just thinking about it. There was just one problem, I would have to convince Doc to rub it on my paws.

Doc was sitting on the family room sofa engrossed in a novel when I approached her to ask if she would be interested in joining me for a relaxing spa treatment. Her face brightened and she looked mildly interested at first. As I explained that she would need to massage the cream into all four of my paws, she scrunched up her face and then glared at me in the eyes like an evil witch. ” Grover this sounds like another one of your schemes that you benefit from and I do all the work, how is that going to be relaxing for me?” I tried to explain that we would be bonding and that being with me would reduce her stress. “No way, she said, I think you should ask your friend Carol to massage your paws since she gave you the stuff.” Gee whiz, what a grouch.

There was only one choice left, so I sent Carol a text message. Thanking her for the lovely Christmas gift, I asked her if she would like to come over and bond with me by rubbing Musher’s Secret on my paws. So far I haven’t gotten a response.







groverpic “Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.”


— Anonymous

Resolution Revolt

2017_new_year_template_design_with_colorful_numbers_6824354No more New Year Resolutions for me! I’m done. In the four years I have been alive I have been diligent about making a list of things to change on January 1st, but by the 10th day of January, I have already returned to my slovenly, gluttonous ways.

What makes it even worse is that I have been stupid enough to publish my resolutions on social media for the whole world to see. There is something sorted and dirty about having to sneak around. I fear that someone with a smartphone will catch and photograph me looking in trash cans for a yummy Kleenex to eat and then publish it on YouTube. Only cats engage in that kind of behavior

And by the way, I am still scared of that 8 foot Brutus the Buckeye mascot on my street. I know I promised to stop growling at it, but I would really like to sneak out of the house one night and bite it in the gluteus maximus until it’s deflated. Nothing that weird-looking should be allowed to roam the earth and terrorize perfectly respectable dogs like myself. One more 2016 resolution out the window.

Then there is my butt-sniffing problem. I was doing quite well with that resolution until one morning I was sauntering up to the front of the building where I work and spotted a stranger checking in to the front desk. I told myself this was an exception and I needed to smell the man to make sure he was safe. How was I suppose to know he was a judge visiting the building? Doc was mortified, but luckily he didn’t seem to mind.

Doc  thinks resolutions are a good idea. She thinks it gives people a fresh start and makes them commit to something, even if just for a little while. I disagree, so the rest of you can make all the stupid resolutions you want. From my point of view, if you were really ready to change you wouldn’t wait for January 1st, you would just do it.

Uh oh, Doc just told me she stopped smoking on Jan 1 and has not had a cigarette in 25 years. Well, maybe you can stick to it if you are serious. I hate it when she is right, but count me out. This dog is finished. The only thing I will be doing on January 1, is going over my past lists of resolutions to see which one I can break next.

So here’s wishing you a Happy New Year from one defiant resolution free dog.

IMG_3606 ” Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

— Hamilton Wright Mable

My Christmas Wish


It’s the night before Christmas,

I’ve waited all year,

for my jolly old friend,

to reappear.


The stockings are hung,

the Christmas tree glows

and the moon light twinkles,

off the new fallen snow.


Despite all my protests,

Doc sends me to bed

because good little dogs

need to rest their weary heads.


I try to stay awake,

but the Sandman arrives,

and sprinkles his magic dust

until I close my eyes.


I am peaceful and warm,

asleep in my bed,

when I’m suddenly awakened,

by a pat on my head.


I open my eyes

and who do I see,

my dear friend Santa Clause,

looking at me.


I cuddle up next to him,

with my head in his lap

and we just sit in silence,

while he takes a little nap.


But soon he awakens

and looks in my eyes

and asks, what’s wrong Grover,

you looked troubled inside?


I am troubled Santa,

but it’s not about me,

it’s about all the loneliness

and suffering I see.


If you could grant me,

just one Christmas wish,

please help all the humans

who feel sad and adrift


Santa ponders my request

for quite a long while

and then looks at me softly

and says with a smile,


Grover, you have the power

to grant your own wish,

It’s really quite easy

for you to accomplish.


Just continue to do

what you do every day,

by loving each person

that crosses your way.


Don’t ever doubt

the power that one,

person or dog

can have on someone.


Love is a powerful healer

my dear,

that spreads through our hearts

and destroys all the fear.


And just as I was pondering

all that Santa had said,

he bent down and kissed

the top of my furry head.


I love you dear Grover

and I’ll see you next year,

but now it’s time to fly

with all my reindeer.


Then Santa turned,

placed his finger aside his nose

and without any effort

up the chimney he rose.


As he got in his sleigh,

and drove out of sight,

I knew this had been

a very magical Christmas Eve night.


































IMG_3606 ” Sometimes, it is better to spend Christmas home with the dog than out with the merrymakers.”

— Anonymous

Grieving at Christmas

img_0667Not everyone looks forward to the holiday season. For some, Christmas is just a reminder of people or places that are no longer a part of their lives. It brings up sadness, not joy and they feel left out of the celebratory feelings that others are experiencing. When Doc and I did group today with our patients at work, those feelings of loss emerged one by one as we listened to their stories.

Some of the patients have lost loved ones and others have had to cut out participating in family gatherings because it is no longer healthy for their recovery. That can bring up fears about being alone. Whether it is death or separation, it is all loss. The reality is, we can all relate to grief and loss. The trick is how to walk through the sadness while taking care of ourselves and understanding how those losses have impacted us. At the same time, it’s also important to establish new traditions that do bring the joy back into our lives in a new way.

As part of group today, we began talking about ways we can remember people or places that are no longer a part of out lives. Doc shared with the patient’s that every time a significant person or place was no longer in her life, she has made a Christmas ornament to hang on the tree every year to remind her of that loved-one or cherished memory. I know it comforts her because I watch how carefully she unwraps and hangs the ornaments on the best limbs of the Christmas tree where she can see them all the time.

The patients loved the idea and began thinking of ornaments they could make either by themselves or with their children to hang on their own trees. Then everyone came up with other ideas about how they could start new traditions to reflect their lives in recovery.

As we continued our discussion it became apparent that we all had much in common with each other and that by sharing our stories the isolation that comes from keeping everything inside began to dissolve. It reminded me that being there for each other, showing support and lending an ear is really the true meaning of Christmas.


groverpic “It’s no coincidence that man’s best friend cannot talk.”

— Anonymous