Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Talk about cheap, or maybe frugal is a nicer word. The other day, Doc walked into the family room, bumped into the piano and dropped her reading glasses on the hardwood floor. Crack! The frame broke at the corner and the lens went flying across the room. Now, those glasses only cost her three dollars at the discount store. Most people would just go get another pair. Not Doc. She went to the cupboard, got out the Super Glue and tried to glue the frame back together. In the process she glued her fingers to the glasses. When she realized what she’s done, she got mad, started yelling and tried to shake the glasses off of her fingers. I went and hid behind the couch so she wouldn’t see me doubled over in laughter.

She walked around the house with the glasses stuck to her fingers for awhile until she remembered she could use nail polish remover to get them unstuck. After the amputation, she did what she should have done in the beginning. She got in the car, drove to the discount store and bought another pair of three dollar glasses. I swear, you humans make your lives so complicated sometimes.