Dear Grover

We have not checked the mail in a very long-time, so let’s see what questions you have for this canine.

Dear Grover,

Does it ever bother you that you cannot compete in events like Westminster or The National Dog Show because you are considered a mutt? It bothers me sometimes. What do you think Grover?


Dear Bailey,

The reality is that all canines are mutts. Dogs are mixes of different canine ancestors of all types. Just check their DNA. Now that being said, purebreds are classified as such based on the precise record keeping of their lineage. Not so for regular mutts. No telling who their baby daddy might have been. So there you have it.

In answer to your question about not being able to compete in Westminster or the National Dog Show, I could care less. Bailey, do you really need to compete and win a dog show to know how much you are love and appreciated? Just look into your humans eyes and you will know how special you are.

Take care,



Dear Grover,

I know humans think puppies are cute, but they aren’t. Two puppies have moved into my neighborhood and they are annoying me. I am six years old and they interrupt my naps wanting to play all the time. They even have the nerve to steal my toys and nip at me. I try to be patient, but this is getting old and if I try to correct them, the humans get mad and tell me to remember they are just babies. What can I do Grover?

– Sunny


Dear Sunny,

With a dog name like Sunny, I would think you would have a less-grouchy disposition, but you didn’t write me to discuss that, so here goes.

First of all remember that puppy-hood goes by fairly quickly, so eventually they will grow out of their wild behavior. Until then, I would suggest you setting aside some play time every day with them so they know what to expect. It’s all about setting boundaries with these youngsters. They will also learn to respect you as the top dog that you are. Remember when your mom use to correct you when you were just a runt?  Also, I would let them play with your toys. Didn’t your mom teach you to share? They might get so busy playing with your stuff that they will leave you alone.There is a 11 month old puppy that lives next door to me and he has become one of my best friends.

So Sunny, be open to new experiences, its good to get out of your rut every once in a while. You’re an old dog and the youngsters might teach you some new tricks. LOL!

Keep smiling,








2 responses to “Dear Grover”

  1. connie s siegle Avatar
    connie s siegle

    Dear Grover, what a grand idea !! a doggie question/answer page.I have a couple questions for you, one , I was wondering , does the doctor plan on getting a sister or brother for you ? Also doesn’t it get scary when everyone comes up to you and wants to touch you all the time? I just don’t know how you do it. Thanks buddy. connie

    1. Grover Avatar

      Thank you for your excellent questions and I will answer them at a later date.
      Have a good day!