canada-geese-urban-23441279473360OMdmIt’s spring and that means it’s time for the Canadian geese to return to their place of birth on the pond behind Doc’s house as they do year after year. Two geese that Doc has named Max and Myrtle scout out a place to make their nest and then they settle in and wait for the happy event to occur. Even though I am part bird dog, I know not to mess with those geese. We live in harmony, or at least we did until the other day.

It was one of those perfect sunny days. Spring flowers were blooming and a slight breeze was blowing through the trees. Max was staying near Myrtle his life long baby mama and I was keeping watch while resting in the sun. Suddenly, I was startled to attention by a loud ” HONK, HONK!” A strange pair of geese had landed by the pond. Before I could even react, it was on! Max came charging toward the pair, flailing his 60 inch wing span and head butting the pair like a scene from the Jerry Springer show. Those interlopers couldn’t fly away fast enough. The funny thing was, that after the geese flew away, Max went right back to Myrtle’s side like nothing had happened.

Doc often tells me that her favorite thing about all the creatures in nature is the way we deal with problems. Unlike humans, we address the problem and  then move on. There are no grudges or long-term drama. Life is just easier that way. In the wild, we have to move on for the sake of survival. I watch you humans worry your lives away. And that my friends is why humans get ulcers and animals don’t.