Grover’s Mailbox

mailboxMore letters have arrived that need my response. Let’s see what burning questions people have for me this time.

Dear Grover,

Out of the blue, my dog Jett will get up and start chasing his tail round and round until he gets dizzy. What’s up with that?

All the best,



Dear Zach,

Sometimes I chase my tail in the middle of one of Doc’s counseling sessions. It’s fun and it makes the patients laugh. Doc just ignores me. Other dogs see their tail, get excited and try to catch it. Dogs that do that may be reacting out of instinct. They see something moving and go after it. Some dogs chase their tail to distract themselves until they figure out how to deal with a new situation.

Even though it can be funny to watch Jett chase his tail, don’t encourage it. He could become obsessed and then you would have to bring him to see Doc for some doggy counseling.

Best wishes,



Dear Grover,

How do I get my humans to let me up on the furniture and in the bed at night? They look so comfortable and I want to be right next to them.Thanks for any advice you can give me.



Dear Ruby,

You have come to the right person. For the first year of my life, Doc wouldn’t let me on the furniture or the bed. She said it was because she wanted me to respect her as the pack leader. I finally convinced her that I could respect her while being on the furniture. I started out by sneaking on to the furniture when she wasn’t home, then into the bed when she fell asleep.

Ruby my friend, persistence is the key. Over time, I wore Doc down and she usually has good boundaries. If you follow my methods I predict you will snoozing away on your human’s pillow top mattress in a short few weeks.

Good luck,