Halloween Hauntings

IMG_0041Leave it Doc to sign us up for a lecture titled Ghosts and Paranormal Investigations.

I think she drug me along because she was scared. After all, it was close to Halloween and it was one of those dark and windy nights where the moon casts an eerie shadow on everything that goes bump in the night.

The lecture hall was packed, so I lay down next to Doc and tried to stay still.

The person giving the lecture started by listing his credentials. That included experience with haunting’s, excavating ghosts, and run of the mill paranormal stuff.I was most impressed when he said he was a member of the Bigfoot Society, as “Finding Bigfoot” is one of my favorite shows on TV.

Many people in the audience were having problems with ghosts and I am sure glad that I don’t live with them. The speaker gave us some helpful information on how to address paranormal problems and as a public service I feel I should pass it on to you in case you ever have a ghost in your house.

Rules for Dealing With Casper

1. Do not handle your own ghost situation. It is best to call in a professional.

2.Do not attempt to contact the ghost by asking questions, demanding to be left alone or getting angry. This could agitate the ghost. 

3. Do not attempt to gather your own evidence. Leave this to the professionals as they will be more objective.

4. Don’t assume the ghost is someone you know. It could be anybody that has passed over and has some unfinished business at your home.

5. Don’t blab about it on social media. You may get bad advice from others or made fun of.

6. Don’t allow just any ghost busters into your home. You could set yourself up to be exploited.

When the lecture was over, we stayed and talked to some of the people who attended and then slowly made it down the hall and out the door to our cars and drove home.

After hearing all those things about the supernatural, I decided to play it safe. So, as soon as we got in the house, I crawled under Doc’s bed to sleep for the night. If any ghosts showed up, I figured they would see her first and leave me alone.

Happy Haunting’s!