I Hate Football Saturday!

Photo by Angela Kirk

Everybody needs to feel like they are part of a team. Whether it’s rooting for your favorite sports team or the team you have formed to help others in need or a work team at your job. It gives us all a sense of camaraderie and purpose. I get that, but what if you are a dog stuck in a family that is fanatical about their college football team and you don’t like football?

For Doc and her family, nothing is better than a football Saturday where the whole day evolves around getting all your chores done before the big game. Sometimes Doc goes to the stadium to watch the game in person and actually those days are better because I am left alone in peace. But those games where everyone comes over to the house, forget about it.

The first thing that happens that I hate with a passion is that Doc dresses me up in the team jersey. Now why on earth would a dog need to do that? But because everyone tells her how cute I look, she keeps dressing me up in those ridiculous outfits every week. Good grief!

When the family gets to the house I am happy to see everyone, but when the game starts I get ignored, so I go over to the corner and try to get some sleep. Usually just as I am dozing off the room erupts into a screaming and yelling frenzy and me being a dog I think I am being alerted to an emergency. When I jump up to see what’s wrong, all I see is a bunch of people smiling and giving each other the high five. They act like they are the ones that ran the darn ball down the field. So strange. I’m not sure if Doc could even run the length of that field.

When the game is over and depending on the outcome they are either elated or sad. If they loose, they talk smack about the coach, the referees and the bad weather conditions. They are so invested I often wonder if it is healthy. No one cares much what I think because you can bet your next pay check they will do it over again and again until the season ends.

At the end of the season everyone looks so sad that you would assume a loved-one had passed away. With no more games to play I pray that life will get back to normal , but think again. Through out the winter they follow sports to find out what new players have been recruted for fall’s team, what assistant coaches will stay or leave and what players will be in the starting line up. So obsessive! I am thankful for one thing though, for about 7 months I don’t have to wear those stupid outfits. Go Team!!!






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  1. connie r siegle Avatar
    connie r siegle

    Dear Grover, you sure do have a dilemma , don’t you ? It all sounds kind of exciting and fun but I must admit Iv’e never had much of a chance to cheer the team ,, I couldn’t tell the difference from a first down or a hole in one ! As for having get together s to celebrate this american pass time, all my family does is eat then leave.I guess you should consider yourself lucky all I do on Saturday afternoons are clean house, pick stalls and maybe read a good book.Go Bucks connie