Mighty Mouth

IMG_3675Even though Doc is in the field of clinical psychology, I have to admit that she acts a little odd sometimes. For example, the other evening I saw her crouched down in the yard with her head stuck inside of a bush. I came down off the porch to see what she was looking at and I saw this little green and brown thing, barely bigger than an inch, looking back at us with it’s little beady eyes. It was balanced on a branch of the bush just taking in the scenery. ” What’s the big deal?” I asked Doc. She looked at me with that glazed look she gets when she has discovered something new and wonderful. ” It’s a tree frog.” she said. “That little frog is what we hear singing at night and gets as loud as 108 decibels. Why that’s as loud as a lawnmower” she exclaimed. I had to admit that was impressive for such a little thing. Doc said she was so excited because she had been listening to that sound all of her life and it was the first time she had ever seen one up close. Mostly they stay way up in the trees where they can’t be seen.

As summer comes to a close and the warm days turn cooler, the little tree frogs will bury themselves way down in the leaves and snooze away winter in a coma like state. If we have another bad winter like last year, I think staying in a coma until it’s warm sounds like a smart plan. So here’s to you little tree frog, have a nice sleep and sweet dreams until we see you again next spring.