Sweet Revenge


You would think that the early morning right before the sunrise would be peaceful. Most days it is, unless nature decides to rear it’s ugly head. The fact is, that wildlife can turn on you, especially if you’re a dog. The deer that come through the yard are big and annoying and the raccoons can get into the trash. But the skunk, I hate that stupid skunk and it is time to seek revenge for spraying me last fall.

I enlist the help of Doc as I know this is too complicated for one dog. Figuring we will get in the car and go to Home Depot for some rope, duck tape and maybe an extra large trash bag, I am surprised when she gets on the internet to research the problem. She hates the skunk as well, due to past encounters towards her and other dogs she has owned.

Soon she is making a list  of supplies and drawing diagrams like she’s planning a murder. I tell her I just want the skunk relocated, not fumigated permanently. She listens, but I hear her in the garage late into the night sawing, hammering and talking nonsense to the walls. Eventually she emerges with a homemade box that she says will trap the skunk . I become nervous when she suggests we relocate him to Michigan where he can become friends with the wolverines.

A few days pass when one night, Doc awakens me and says it is time. By the light of the winter moon we go into the back yard and set up the box. Complete with bait to lure the little stinker, we wait quietly until boredom sets in and we fall asleep.

We are awakened sometime toward morning by the sound of the trap closing. It is still too dark to see anything, so we wait until light to approach the box. With caution, we go to the front of the box. Looking inside we see two little eyes peering back at us. The skunk looks sad and is shaking with fear. My heart begins to melt and as I look at Doc, I can tell she is thinking the same thing. Doc gives me a nod and I back away as she slowly opens the front of the trap. The skunk scurries away, but not before he stamps his little feet, lifts his tail and sprays us both. Revenge always stinks.