The Abominable Snow Man Returns

Although Thanksgiving was enjoyable, I am exhausted and need to rest up for the next part of the holiday season. I admit I probably ate too much and played too hard with the youngest member of our family that is a toddler, but that’s what keeps this old dog in shape. The only thing I am concerned about moving forward, is the obsession some of the neighbors have with putting life like decorations in the yard that I am sure come to life at night and frankly scare the bejeebers out of me. Isn’t the holiday season suppose to filled with joy and not terror?

For example, just this morning as Doc and I were out enjoying our midmorning walk we came around the corner and I was startled to see a large familiar figure that I thought had moved out of the neighborhood over a year ago. But no, it was back looming over the sidewalk ready to snatch Doc and I up and chew us to pieces with it’s snaggley teeth as soon as we got close enough. To my surprise and concern, Doc did not seemed fazed at all, so I sprung into action hoping I would scare the monster into leaving and then it would never come back again. As soon as we got close enough, I lunged forward while growling in my deepest voice and started barking for good measure. Doc looked at me out of the corner of her eye and said ” Are you scared of that thing Grover? It’s not even real.” ” I don’t care what you say”, I replied with conviction, That thing is creepy, it shows up once a year out of nowhere and I don’t like the way it looks at us. In fact, I think you should ask the neighbors to get rid of it.” After I made that remark, I could tell by the look on Doc’s face that we were going to have a talk when we got home.

I was right, after we got home Doc reassured me that she would never let anything hurt me but that I also needed to know that the neighbors had the right to put that in their yard, so I needed to get use to it. So later on in the afternoon, I found the courage to go back to see the Abominable Snowman figure all by myself. I sniffed it with great care and realized it was not a threat.

So What did I learn? Face your fears, most of the time things are not as scary as you think they are in your head. No matter, I still think that thing looks creepy.