The Rewards of Patience

Photo by Angela Kirk
Photo by Angela Kirk

Doc and I love the quiet of the early morning. The earth is so peaceful as the world awakens and it is in this stillness that you can observe some of the most magical moments in nature.

Doc was drinking her coffee and I was relaxing beside her when I could tell that she noticed some movement in the back yard. Glancing out the window, we both saw the deer at the same time. It was a mother doe and her two fawns feeding on the wild flowers in the back acre. “Look, they still have their spots” Doc said with a smile. I immediately went on high alert with a low growl as I usually chase the deer out of the yard. But this particular morning Doc told me to lay down and stay quiet because she didn’t want me scaring the fawns.

After grabbing her camera, Doc slowly opened the screen on the sliding door, went down the steps and into the wet grass in her bare feet. As she approached the deer, mother and children stopped to look up. Doc froze in place. After a few minutes I guess the mother deer didn’t think Doc was a threat and so they went back to grazing. I was amazed at how close she allowed Doc to come over the next few minutes.

The whole encounter made me think about the importance of having patience in life. What is that saying? ” Only fools rush in?” But like this morning, when you are patient, you will be rewarded with a mother doe trusting you enough to let you get close to her babies.