The Thin Blue Line

Doc and I could hear the sirens off in the distance, but never imagined they were responding to such a terrible tragedy. Just after 12pm on a cold rainy Saturday, two police officers in our quiet suburb were gunned down after responding to a 911 hang up call.

The grief that our city is experiencing is palatable. You can see it represented in all the blue ribbons tied to trees and light posts and the street signs honoring the fallen on the front of businesses. In the evening when Doc and I drive through the city, the neighborhoods are awash in a hazy blue glow from all the people who have placed blue bulbs in porch lights to honor those that died. It is a small reminder to all our first responders that they are appreciated and are not alone.

The feelings that rise up after a tragedy like this occurs are many.  After the initial shock and disbelief, the sadness and anger set in. Doc is just as confused by all of the violence as I am and since this shooting occurred in our town, 17 more people have been killed in a high school in Florida.

I watch the news along with Doc and I here the arguing on both sides of the issue, but no resolution ever occurs. I think it would be nice if humans could let go of politics and their emotions for once, look at the facts and come up with a solution to stop this from happening in the future.

Maybe I am just a dog, but I know that children shouldn’t be afraid to go to school and people shouldn’t be scared that someone will shoot them just because they chose to go to the movies one night.

For now I will go pay my respects by trying to help the police and the community heal the best way I know how. May Officers Joering and Morelli rest in peace and hopefully this tragedy will lead to change so that no other person or family member has to suffer from one more act of violence.







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  1. connie r siegle Avatar
    connie r siegle

    Dear Grover, Yes, a solution would be nice. It saddens me that children fear going to school and our men and women in blue are shot down in the streets. I might not have any friends who are policemen but my mother did raise me to respect those in authority. Who else is going to risk their lives on every call, to bring an end to chaos in our communities. Connie