The Wishing Tree

fullsizerender-7You can always wish upon a star, but in the small town of Powell, Ohio there is a special tree in front of the candy store where you can write down what you wish for and hang it on the tree for everyone to read. On a beautiful fall afternoon, Doc and I happened to come across that tree and were surprised by the wishes that were left behind.

We found out the tree was first introduced during a town festival and now has about 2,000 wishes hanging from its branches. What started out as a fun idea for shoppers turned into people being able to anonymously write down either simple requests or heart-felt desires for themselves or others. One tag read ” I wish to have a million dollars.” and then another read, “I wish all water problems were fixed on earth.”

It got Doc and I to thinking about what people we know would wish for, so when we went back to work, we posed the following question, ” If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for?” The answers were varied, but here are some of them. ” I wish I had never used drugs.”, “I wish no one ever got cancer”,  ” I wish I had a safe place to live” and my favorite ” I wish I had a dog like Grover.”

When I read what people wished for, it revealed to me what is important in that person’s life right now. It touched me so deeply that I made my own wish. I wish that everyone learns that they have the power to make many of their own wishes come true.

If you could wish for anything, would you wish for?


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  • connie
    October 7, 2016

    If I could have one wish…I think it would be that everyone had the innocence and unconditional love that our pets have towards us. I hope you are feeling better buddy. Connie