Therapy Dog Goes Out On Tour

Doc said she was shocked by the call, but I wasn’t. I knew it was only a matter of time that one of the major rock bands of all time, The Rolling Stones would need my therapy dog services. After all, life on tour can be stressful.

On Monday morning we packed our bags to make the three hour drive to Pittsburg. It was the next stop on their tour and the closest to where we live. As we got closer to the city even Doc got excited because they had been nice enough to give us tickets to their show that night. It wasn’t long after we checked into the hotel that we traveled over to the stadium where they were playing and met them in some huge trailers out back that doubled as their dressing rooms. They had just finished sound checks and were relaxing so our timing was perfect.

After introductions, Doc excused herself so that they could have some privacy. Now you may wonder why people that are famous and rich need a therapy dog? Let me tell you a secret, neither wealth nor money can protect you from problems or life’s tragedies and these blokes are no different. They told me they were still grieving the recent death of their band mate and friend Charlie. Nothing levels the playing field in life like grief. I sat quietly and leaned into whomever needed me the most and just listened. I think the biggest gift you can give another is to just sit with someone and be present. After spending about an hour with them they said they were feeling much better after being able to open up and talk things over. I offered to go on the rest of their tour with them, but Doc nixed that in a hurry and reminded me that I already have a responsibility to my patients at home. So we said our farewell’s and waited for the concert to start.

It was almost 9pm, way past Doc and my bed time when they hit the stage. The announcer woke me up when he said “Ladies and gentlemen, The Rolling Stones.” The crowd went wild, I sat up so I could see better and watch them run out on to the stage. I have to hand it to that Mr. Mick Jagger, he is certainly spy for his age. He kept running down this long stage for no apparent reason other than the fans liked it. I don’t run that much or that far unless I am chasing a tennis ball. Oh well, to each his own, it was still fun to watch and everybody enjoyed themselves.

Its always good when you can escape from your daily grind sometime and music can certainly help to heal a lot. When I think about it The Rolling Stones and I are both in the same kind of work because we help people to feel better.

The next morning we got in the car for the ride home and I told Doc that although I had a lot of fun and was glad I could help, I was looking forward to getting home. I guess everyone has a direction in life they are suppose to follow if they listen to that inner voice calling them. Doc and I were led to each other and the work we do and all of you have a unique path as well. No matter how old you are or what rode blocks you have had to encounter, I hope you follow that voice. I know I am.