Undercover Elf

Today I made sure to ask Doc to walk me down the street so I could to check on my friend Jingle, who happens to be one of Santa’s Elves. I wanted to see if he was feeling better after his head and body got twisted around due to the high winds we had last Saturday. I imagine that kind of thing would leave you with a bad headache and he certainly doesn’t need that with all the toys he still has to make before Christmas. Besides, Doc taught me that checking on your friends is the neighborly thing to do, so off we went.

It was kind of strange how we met. He just showed up one day in the neighbor’s yard just like the Abominable Snow Man did. Jingle hangs out with a unicorn named Fred that he rode down on from the north pole. He’s kind of the silent type, but that’s ok, I don’t talk much either and its always nice to be friends with a good listener. Some of you may think I have ulterior motives befriending an elf given who his boss is, but I assure you I don’t. I just like the guy.

When I got down to the house he has been staying at, I was happy to see Jingle with his head back on straight looking like his old dapper self. He was busy wrapping some presents while Fred kept watch. ” I like to wrap up gifts while the children are in school and the adults are at work. As soon as they come home, I stand here frozen, just like a statue so that no one suspects a thing. Everyone in the neighborhood except for you and Doc just think I am a Christmas yard decoration.

Well, that made me curious, so I asked him why he was stationed in out neighborhood. “Grover, I will tell you if you can keep a secret.” Jingle said quietly. ” Of course I can keep a secret, I’m a therapy dog, I am trained to keep secrets.” I replied emphatically. With that reassurance, Jingle leaned in and said in a whisper, “There are actually thousands of elves stationed all over the world trying to keep an eye on everyone and report back to Santa. People think that the Elves on the Shelves are the real informants, but they are just decoys. The elves you see in people’s yards, they are the real operatives.” Jingle said with a wink.

Doc and I glanced at each other with a look of surprise. ” I sure would have never suspected that!” I exclaimed to both Doc and Jingle. ” But, I do have to ask, are there more kids or adults on the naughty list? ” ” Are you kidding me?” Jingle replied. “Have you not been watching how some of the adults have been acting for the last year? Don’t get me started. There is no contest. Most of the children have been angels given all they have been through. The adults could learn a few things from the kids, especially some awful woman named “Karen” that people keep talking about. But do not despair, if they embrace the season of love and giving there is always hope that they can change and get back on the nice list. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work before everyone gets home.”

As we were walking back to the house, I looked up at Doc and I couldn’t help but ask with a chuckle, ” Being that you are an adult, what list do you think Jingle has put you on?” ” Very funny Grover”, she replied. ” I think you need to worry about your own behavior.” she said with a smile. Now lets go inside and make some cookies for Santa.