When One Pug Isn’t Enough

6a00d83451580669e201b7c8c0aa2f970bIt must be crowed in a house that you have to share with 30 Pugs. A dog owner in Cheshire, England started out with one lonely Pug and ten years later is not the proud owner of 30. Is she a Pug hoarder you ask? Well, you be the judge.

She originally got the first dog from her parents.Within ten years she had added 29 more through rescue organizations or breeders. After some time, she had to quit her job to take care of all of her dogs. Her parents now support her financially. In total, it costs her $24,000 per year for food, treats, grooming, toys, clothing and vet bills. This past Christmas she spent $1,200 for their presents.

To tell you the truth, it would horrify me if Doc brought home 29 more dogs to live in our house. It gives me anxiety just to think about it. I am use to being an only child and going about my business without being bothered. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having one more dog in the house to hang out with, but 29 more? Even I know that is a recipe for trouble. Dogs having a pecking order within the pack and it would be exhausting trying to figure out who was the boss on any particular day.

Deciding to ask Doc what she thought, I showed her the article. After she finished reading, she looked up over her glasses at me and said, “What I want to know is who cleans up all that dog poop?”

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  1. connie Avatar

    Grover all I have to say about this is this ….”She must be a millionaire it takes all kinds of money to keep just one pet” Connie