Baby Boom Part 2

In just one week we have some new additions to our backyard baby boom and I am not sure if I even want a few of them to stay.

Last Thursday Doc checked the eggs in the Cardinal’s nest and all three eggs had hatched. Mom and dad Cardinal have both been busy feeding the hungry new babies. Yesterday when mom left the nest we took a quick peak and all three babies were in there curled up next to each other fast asleep. They are already starting to get some feathers. It will only take about 9-11 days until they grow big enough to fly. Mom and dad literally kick their kids out of the nest and expect them to test their independence in under two weeks. Makes me glad I’m not a bird because I still depend on Doc for most things. I hope I never have to leave the nest.

The other day Doc and I were both surprised by latest baby addition in our yard. Doc and I were in the flower bed when suddenly two baby garter snakes slithered out from under the flowers and down into a hole. I jumped back worried I would get bit. Doc laughed and said, ” Don’t be scared Grover, those little things can’t hurt you.” For a few years now we have had a full size garter snake in the yard and wondered if it was male or female. I guess that mystery is solved. Even though Doc assured me that the snakes are important to our habitat, I am steering clear just the same. I sure didn’t sign up for babysitting newborn snakes.

It won’t be too much longer until all the babies will have grown big enough that they will no longer need my extra protection and I have to admit that leaves me feeling a little sad. I must have looked downtrodden as Doc came over to me, patted me on the head and said in a soothing voice, “Grover it’s only natural when you help to raise and protect a new life that you feel some sadness when they are big enough to leave and be on their own. You should feel proud of the help you provided not only for the babies but for the parents as well.” Every living thing can benefit from from feeling safe and loved.”

What Doc said brought me some comfort, but it’s still going to take more to convince me to love and cuddle up with those baby garter snakes.